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Chicken Floss Roll



  •  20 sheets Frizz Spring Roll Pastry
  •  170gm Chicken Floss
  • 600gm cooking oil


  1. Cut each sheet of spring roll pastry into 9 small sheets. Cover the cut spring roll pastry to prevent them becoming dry.
    Put some chicken floss on a piece of small sheet. Wrap the chicken floss with spring roll pastry. Brush the pastry end with some water then seal the spring roll properly.
  2. Deep-fry spring rolls over medium-low heat in 3 batches until golden brown, stirring occasionally so that the heat is evenly distributed.
    When spring rolls have turned light golden brown, turn to high heat for 40-45 seconds before removing from heat.
  3. After removing from heat, put the spring rolls on a strainer ladle to strain the oil then transfer to kitchen towels to absorb the oil.
    Store the spring rolls in airtight container when they have fully cooled down.